Music Therapy With Jessica Risker


Music Therapy with Jessica Risker is a podcast focused on musicians and creativity.  

Both a musician and professional therapist, Jessica talks with other musicians, label owners, music venue owners and other guests to explore musical identity, making music a career, the creative process, touring, the music business, balancing parenthood with music and touring, inspiration, how mental health impacts creativity, how businesses are surviving and coping during the pandemic, and other issues facing musicians and artists.  

The podcast is taped live weekly on Instagram and then distributed to the podcast streaming sites linked below:  

Previous episode descriptions

Episode 21: Interview with Sophie Brochu of Fauvely 

In this episode of Music Therapy, I talk with Sophie, the principal songwriter and vocalist of Chicago band Fauvely. Sophie shares how the pandemic forced her to cancel her SXSW show and Japanese tour, as well as put recording a new album on hold, the challenges of working on music in a one-bedroom apartment she shares with her partner, and more!

Listen to Fauvely here:


Episode 52: Interview with Mia Joy 

In this episode of Music Therapy, I talk with Chicago musician Mia Joy. We talk about growing up in her musical family, being a music teacher, her new single and upcoming album, using music as a way to cope with emotions, Mia’s experience with depression and therapy, connecting with her label Fire Talk Records, and more!!


Listen to Mia Joy:



Episode 50: Interview with Dave Vettraino of Public House Sound Recordings 

In this episode of Music Therapy I talk with Dave Vettraino of @publichouserecs ! Dave talks about his new solo album “Exercise” coming out this Friday via @firetalkrecs , how he’s developed his recording studio over the years, advice for bands coming in to a studio to record, how it’s been sort of nice to get a little break this year, and more!

Something messed up with the audio at the end of the interview so it cuts off abruptly, but all the good stuff is there.  To answer Dave's question  - I am fine!

Episode 49: Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with guest therapist Malory Dahl 

In this episode of Music Therapy I interview therapist Malory Dahl of Chicago Counseling Center about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Malory does an incredible job of sharing the symptoms of SAD, why some people experience SAD, ways to treat SAD at home, when to see a therapist for SAD, and how to differentiate SAD from generalized depression or COVID related mood changes.

Learn more about Malory:

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Episode 45: Interview with Isabel Cristina of Half Gringa 

In this episode of Music Therapy, I talk with Isabel Cristina of Half Gringa! Izzy talks about her new album, touring, not thinking too far in the future about her career, how her artistic practice is changing this year, the ways she approaches songwriting, what she finds helpful about therapy, how she uses CBT techniques and mindfulness to challenge negative thoughts, and more!


Listen to Half Gringa:



Episode 43: Interview with Roy Kinsey 

In this episode of Music Therapy, Roy Kinsey talks about his work as a librarian in Humboldt Park,  finishing a new album earlier this year and how the pandemic affected the release, how his identity and productivity are intertwined, his creativity the past few months, his thoughts on substance use and addiction during quarantine, and much more!

Listen to Roy Kinsey: