Praise for I See You Among The Stars

For a song of such sentimental leanings, there’s a beautiful sense of balance to Jessica Risker, a deep breath that steadies the hand as she begins to the tell the story she needs to tell.”

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"I See You Among The Stars" featured on NPR's All Songs Considered

Album art for artist Jessica Risker I See You Among The Stars by Rachel Winslow Western Vinyl
The extraordinary loving magic of Chicago’s DIY culture has produced another masterpiece of emotional clarity and songcraft. I’ve been awed watching Jessica shape these songs into perfect concise visions in basement show after coffeeshop show. It’s exciting for everyone else to finally get to see into her introspective world.” - Rob Sevier, Co-Founder of Numero Group
…An album best heard in those tranquil twilight or early dawn moments when the consciousness floats free and the air takes on a beguiling luminescence, it seeps over you like warm water opening your pores…”

Folk Radio UK

…As an album “I See You Among The Stars” is a statement that insinuates itself into your consciousness. There is something deeply comforting in a collection that doesn’t shout for attention, but rather waits for the listener to lean in, before whispering a secret or two. Damn, I love this album.”


…These are all solid songs, and if the influence tilts Brit/ Euro (as opposed to the Canyon or the Village), there’s never the impression of an artist grasping for a performance identity. The sound of a subway train at the end of “Anyway When I Look in Your Eyes” drives this home. A-”

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